Welcoming the 2018 Executive

We are pleased to announce and welcome our incoming executive for 2018! Thank-you to everyone who nominated and voted in our elections. We look forward to everything the team has in store for 2018 and want to thank our 2017 for all their hard work!

President: Mia Crous
Vice-President: Hana Hadziomerovic & Ruchika Vera
Treasurer: Nicholas Dore
Secretary: Sue Maye Siow
Sponsorship Officers: Aharani Ganeshamoorthy & Clare Mahon
Director of Corporate Events: Amy Taylor, Natalie Ho & Stephanie Budiono
Local Portfolio Coordinators: Vivian Tang & Anne-marie Do
Teddy Bear Hospital / Radio Lollipop: Henry Chung & Abigail Joseph
Senior NRHSN Representative: Heather Ranson
Rural Portfolio Coordinators: Siobhan Dillon & Elisa Tran
Indigenous Portfolio Coordinators: Rachel Pugh & Astha Dhungana
Cherbourg Dental Clinic Coordinators: Trinette Stevenson & Mark Woods
International Portfolio Coordinators: Tess Dahlenburg & Kate Hewett
Healthy Start Coordinators: Shreya Bhushan & Ricardo Thomas
Ubuntu Through Health Reps: Rhys Harris, Sarah Lock & Wadie Rassam
The Sumba Project Reps: Dave Randles, Jane Machart & Phoebe Tronc
AMSA Global Health Representative: Sashika Harasgama
AGH Crossing Borders: David Athan & Dianah Berkman
Dentistry & Oral Health Rep: Laura Truong
Paramedicine Rep: Amie Jones
Medical & Biomedical Science Rep: Nicole David

Following from elections we have a small number of available positions outstanding:
- Social media/IT officer
- AMSA Code Green Representative
- Position specific roles for students studying occupational therapy, speech pathology, nursing & midwifery, nutrition & dietetics, physiotherapy & exercise sciences, pharmacy and social work.

Applications should be 100-200 words describing why you want to apply for your chosen role and any relevant experiences. Please send applications to Mia Crous via president@hope4health.org.au