Teddy Bear Hospital reaches more students than ever before

This year, we have had a very successful season and were able to run close to 20 sessions, more so than possible any other year. Griffith health students were able to teach locally at primary schools in the Gold Coast and collaboration with the Indigenous Portfolio allowed the team to deliver sessions to an Indigenous School in Cherbourg, QLD.

New to this year, Teddy Bear Hospital expanded to 2 schools in the Logan region, both of which have a high population of refugee students and are of a lower socioeconomic status compared to neighbouring suburbs.

This has been a great step for us in expanding TBH, as we are reaching out to the schools which have had great need for it.  This has only been one step in the expansion, with the program beginning to include other schools with the help of Medicare Locals.

It has been very rewarding for all involved to be able to teach children content that they had not known previously.  Feedback from the schools have been very positive, saying:

 It was great that most activities had some hands on things for the kids to do…”

“Some of the activities were covering content that we had/about to cover in class so this provided another learning experience which was fantastic…”

Thanks to Shi Shi and Umesha for all their hard work this year.

To join the hospital fun and experience contact tbh@hope4health.org.au

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