HOPE4HEALTH runs a series of rural clinical skills trips each year, to allow students to become actively involved in the rural health experience. While on rural trips students will be able to learn skills vital for any rural or urban medical practitioner, such as:

  • Insertion of chest drains
  • Emergency airway management
  • Plastering
  • Suturing techniques
  • Skin cancer excision
  • And more...

The trips also provide a unique opportunity to become exposed to what life is like as a rural health professional. To encourage and maximise this exposure, the trips combine the educational aspects with a variety of social events and local highlights, as well as opportunities to meet and chat with local physicians and health professionals.

In the past trips have run to Goondiwindi, Kingaroy, Stanthorpe, Roma, Rockhampton and more.

2013 Rural Clinical Skills Trips to date 

Goondiwindi Clinical Skills Trip

The first HOPE4HEALTH Rural Clinical Skills Trip for 2013 was held in Goondiwindi from the 12th-14th of April. Thirteen students from both medicine and dentistry drove out to Goondiwindi for a weekend of rural awareness, education and fun. Students were given the opportunity to strengthen their clinical skills, part take in Goondiwindi’s social event of the year, the annual Picnic Races, plus visit a local cotton farm. The weekend concluded with a detour through Stanthorpe and a tour of their hospital. It was a great weekend and a valuable experience for all.

Stanthorpe and Warwick Clinical Skills Trip

On the last weekend of May, 16 first and second year medical students visited Stanthorpe and Warwick with a view to participating in the Longlook Program.  The group took in the local sights: wineries, apple orchards, and berry brambles; and learnt new clinical skills: plastering, ultrasonography, suturing and cannulation.  The doctors and current students discussed with the group the many benefits of rural practice.

Kingaroy Clinical Skills Trip

On July 5th, eleven students from 1st year medicine, 2nd year medicine and nursing went out to Kingaroy for a week end of learning and fun while being exposed to a career in rural health. Over the weekend students participated in skills sessions including suturing, cannulation, plastering and intubation plus enjoyed the sites of Kingaroy.

The next Rural Clinical Skills Trips

Roma Clinical Skills Trip

During the first weekend in August, HOPE4HEALTH will be running its largest rural trip which will include 1st year medical students, nursing and biomedical science students. The trip aims to expose students to a career in rural health in the hope that they will consider a career in rural health plus enable students to meet other students in other disciplines.

Kingaroy and Cherbourg Pharmacy Trip

This year HOPE4HEALTH and Griffith University Association Pharmacy Students (GUAPS) is undertaking in a rural excursion to Kingaroy and Cherbourg. The aim of the trip is to give students an insight into the working life of a rural pharmacist. The focus of the excursion is to educate students about rural health issues and in particular the health inequalities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The weekend is planned for the 24 - 25th of August and it is hoped that it can become a regular event on the HOPE4HEALTH and GUAPS calendar.

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