The Cherbourg Teddy Bear Hospital aims to educate young students (Prep to Year 6) at Cherbourg State School to make better-informed decisions with regards to their health. The program was put together with the help of the school and targets specific health concerns that have been highlighted as a priority in this community. During this trip, university health students also have the opportunity to visit Cherbourg’s Ration Shed. Here the university health students learn about how Cherbourg’s history has shaped Cherbourg to be the vibrant community that it is today.
Annually, the event attracts medical and allied health students (such as those in dentistry and speech pathology) to participate in the Cherbourg Teddy Bear Hospital initiative. 150 school students and their teddy bears completed 8 stations covering topics including ear health, oral hygiene, visiting the doctor, sun safety, healthy food choices, and medication safety.
Here is what one HOPE4HEALTH member had to say about their experience at Cherbourg:
“For the majority of students on the trip, it was their first time visiting an Aboriginal community and a truly humbling experience. At the hospital, the medical centre and the school we were welcomed and treated as equals. It is fair to say that we learnt more from the Cherbourg community than they learnt from us. The primary school kids especially were amazing. It was inspirational to see them have such a good relationship with a curriculum that embraced the Aboriginal culture and values. Our aim in visiting Cherbourg primary school is to help educate about healthy living, encourage careers in health and allow Griffith students to experience an Aboriginal community. It was great to get out of the classroom and do something positive for the community.”