Midnight Muster Wrap

Special thanks to the authors and convenors: Rural Coordinators Heather Angell, Shaun Purcell, James DandoCheck out pictures from the night on facebook at Hopeforhealth Harry

Beaudesert locals were warned to lock up their daughters (and sons) one Saturday night earlier this month. There could only be one reason: the infamous Midnight Muster, Hope4health’s annual fundraiser for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, had once again rolled into town.

Crowds gathered under a clear Beaudesert sky, with no rain or clouds in sight: the notorious Muster curse had finally been broken. Tents were erected, eskies emerged, frisbees brought out as groups settled in for a long and productive evening of frivolous debauchery, all in the name of charity.

Our Aussie heroes included a motley crew of tennis stars, cricketers, swagmen, and, of course, lovable bogans. Best-dressed went to a team representing our iconic beers, the judges unable to settle fierce competition between XXXX and Toohey’s New and instead opting for a draw.

Night fell to the sounds of Rick Barron tuning up on stage, and going on to play a cracking set as partygoers jostled for a turn on the mechanical bull and surfboard. With the crowd imbibing freely, and DJ Naloxone dropping in for a killer late set, the party kicked on late into the night.

There were some tired eyes in the morning, but, for once, no sodden equipment or damp pyjamas to further trouble hearts already burdened by industrial strength hangovers and the consequences of an ill-advised liaison. The scouts served up a good old country breakfast of bacon, eggs and sausage before our restored group scattered to the different corners of SE Queensland. The residents of Beaudesert could once again breathe easy. Until next year, at least.

A big thanks to all the helpers who put in their time on the night to ensure the event went off without a hitch: Oscar, John, Laura, Cameron, David, Sam, Matt and Estelle. Thanks also to the Scouts and Beaudesert Race Club, and particular mention to our performers, Rick Barron and the incomparable Saad Ahmed, aka DJ Naloxone.

Hope to see you next year!

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