International Elective Grant Recipient’s Story

HOPE4HEALTH annually provides assistance for medical and allied health students completing electives in developing communities through the International Elective Grants and Student Elective Aid programs. Both of these programs remain open throughout the year for students going on elective at any time.

The Student Elective Aid program enables students to provide medical aid to impoverished countries during their elective placements. The idea behind SEA is simple. Each year, Australian medical practices discard or destroy large amounts of surplus equipment. This same equipment is desperately required in resource-poor communities. To find out more about SEA, head to our website or contact us at .

The International Elective Grant scheme provides financial assistance to meet their elective travel costs, as well as provide a contribution for funding of medical equipment or aid needed by the community they plan to visit. . These grants help ensure that medical and allied health students can undertake an elective in a developing country and contribute to the level of medical care. We believe that exposure to international health work will encourage greater participation and engagement in developing health care by the students involved and aim to facilitate this. For more information check our website or get in contact with our International Portfolio Coordinators via .

One of the 2016 International Elective Grant recipients, David Flynn, shares his story below about his experiences in Zambia:

IMG_4748My name is David Flynn, I am a final year medical student at Griffith University and throughout February 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to undertake an elective at Livingstone Central Hospital, which is located in southern Zambia.

Zambia has the 7th highest prevalence of HIV in the world with ~12% of the population being HIV positive. The vast majority of admissions to the ward are due to HIV complications or newly arisen opportunistic infections from HIV. Pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis of the meninges, spine, peritoneum, cryptococcal meningitis, pneumocystis jiroveci (all complications from HIV) are common, daily presentations that I saw at the hospital that are rarely seen in Australia.

The HIV clinic at the hospital is the largest in the region (serving a population of 1.8 million). However despite the significant burden, the clinic is situated in a small run-down building that is over 100 years old (built during the time of colonialisation) and is run on a shoe-string budget and a skeleton staff. Despite the lack of funds and resources at their disposal it is really incredible to see the amount of work they are able to do for the people of Zambia.

The hospital and HIV clinic are unable afford simple resources which are so readily available in Australia. It was with the generosity of Hope4Health that we were able to donate $500 to the clinic, which went towards buying a blood pressure machine, a blood sugar monitor, 2 x thermometers, 2 x electric fans and a water cooler. The clinic was extremely thankful for this donation (especially given the temperature in Summer regularly goes above 40°C and they don’t have any fans!). This is a photo of me with Sister Kashwela and Sister Mukuka- the two incredibly selfless women who run the HIV clinic.

Overall, the elective was an eye-opening and at times, overwhelming experience. I would like to thank Hope4Health for their generous donation towards the hospital and the HIV clinic- it makes a world of difference to those in need.

David Flynn 

AMSA Global Health Council 1


On the first weekend of April, I represented Hope4Health as the AMSA Global Health Representative at Global Health Council 1 held in Sydney at Prince Charles Hospital. This year Council was opened for the first time to any medical student with an interest in global health, and so I had the privilege of being accompanied by four fellow Hope4Health members- Gabriela Bran (Crossing Borders Representative), Jessica Anderson (Code Green Representative), Anne Hibberd (1st year) and Justin Weller (4th year). Also attending Council were representatives from every Medical School across Australia.

Over the duration of the weekend, we discussed the 3 National Projects (Red party, Code Green and Crossing Borders), had workshops on Advocacy, Engagement and Promotion, Mental Health, Evidence-based giving and Global Health Policy. I had the opportunity to present the Ubuntu Through Health Project in the GHG Spotlight Session and we listened to other Universities present about selected projects including UQ TIME Days for Girls, U-TAS International Humanitarian Law Workshop and the U-WA Red Party. We also had sessions to collaborate with other global health groups in QLD, and made progress on our first ever Crossing Borders Advocacy workshop to be held on Sat 23rd of April at Griffith, as well as other ideas such as running Red Week at the same time across Queensland.

Next Council is being held 24-26th of August, prior to GHC in Newcastle. GHC (the biggest one yet!) is running from the 26th-30th of August in Newcastle with over 30 delegates from Griffith University set to attend!

Beth Hamilton
AMSA Global Health Representative

Inaugural Red Week raises HIV awareness and $4200 for Fijians

H4H’s Red Week finished with the annual Red Party in conjunction with Bond University’s M.A.D. at Cocktails, where $4200 was raised for the Fiji Network for People Living with HIV (FJN+), a fantastic effort by all. Thank you once again to everyone who came along to these events, and to the International Health Portfolio and Subcommittee, whose time, effort and enthusiasm helped make the week such a success.

Congratulations to our outgoing International Coordinators - Nimanthi, Flynn and Sanj for all their work throughout the year!

Click here to view photos from the event on our facebook page.

H4H final year dentistry & medical students visit PNG

H4H members in the press

"Kiunga, in Western Province, Papua New Guinea is the destination this week for four trainee dentists from Griffith University looking to bring their skills to disadvantaged communities. Now in their fifth and final year of the Bachelor of Oral Health (Dental Science) and Graduate Diploma in Dentistry, Emad Ahangari, Benjamin Greenlees, Philip Ho and Mengzhu Wang (pictured below) have organised a two week program which will see them providing dental care to a very low resourced community."

Continue reading the full story here

png dent

The students are continuing to advance H4H's efforts in the Western Province as part of a multidisciplinary effort to improve the extremely remote community. They join the 2nd group of final year medical students who are also there on elective at Kiunga Hospital, we wish them the very best from their incredible experience!



Left: Laura Renger (former exec) holding newborn 'Laura' after helping with the delivery

Below: David Malhoek (former exec) with Siddhartha Reddy visiting a nearby village to perform vaccinations and general check ups

Dave PNG









Birthing Kits Assembly 2014

What a successful night! We packed 600 safe birthing kits which will go a long way in improving the status and health of women in developing countries. A huge thank you to all those who came along and helped!

The students had the opportunity to hear from a wonderfully passionate guest speaker Georgina Kelly, an extensively experienced midwife who’s worked in developing countries such as PNG, where she has seen these types of birthing kits put into practice. It was inspiring to hear her stories, see her photos and put the work we were about to do into clear perspective.

Huge thanks to the International coordinators for carrying out all the behind the scenes work in making the night possible! The kits have been packaged and are ready to ship off when we are contacted by the Birthing Kits Foundation Australia, who help coordinate the kits to reach the areas most in need at the time.

More information on Birthing Kits can be found on the BKFA website, where you can find out how to run your own assembly! Check out the great photos from the evening below.

1617847_502476833187618_5809184613427380170_o 10258343_502476859854282_2181317396312225752_o 10317676_502477526520882_3756790895484642199_o 10012940_502478163187485_7278372013668475195_o 10320948_502478313187470_2949576561781716356_o

Jungle Party – Ubuntu and International Health

On Friday the 11th of April Ubuntu through Health and the International Hope4Health Executive threw the inaugural “Jungle Party” at Swingin’ Safari in Surfer’s Paradise. This event attracted over two-hundred students from within Griffith Medicine and Allied Health as well as students from other Universities. Over $2000 in proceeds was raised, achieved by $10 ticket sales for Hope4Health members and a BBQ held in the week leading up the event.   All proceeds have been given to the International Hope4Health Birthing Kit’s Evening (7th May) to fund the making of birthing kits to be sent to Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has one of the highest neonatal mortality rates in the world, which can be effectively reduced by the provision of a simple birthing kit. We thoroughly enjoyed organizing this event, particularly in having Ubuntu through Health and International Hope4Health work together towards promoting positive international health outcomes. Hopefully it will be the first of many to come!

A photo competition was hotly contested on the night - here is the winning photo! The proud winner of a Percy's Coffee voucher, one of the most highly coveted hipster coffee hang outs in Southport. Congratulations! See Hope4Health Harry's Facebook page for even more great photos at


The winning photo of the Instagram photo competition on the night, by Melanie Johnston. 


If you would like any more information or are interested in becoming involved in International Health please contact:

-        Beth, Jess and Steph (Ubuntu through Health)

-        Flynn, Nimanthi and Sanj (International Hope4Health Reps)

Jungle Party Photo Competition


The theme is Jungle, so dust off that leopard print, find your monkey onesie or construct something elaborate out of leaves.

View the facebook event page by clicking here

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of Birthing Kits which aim to reduce perinatal infections in developing countries. The kits will be assembled on 7th May at the Gold Coast campus - further details about the event will be announced in April.

For those who love taking snaps, we are running a photo competition at Jungle Party!


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Developing Community Grants – 2013 recipients

HOPE4HEALTH is able to financially assist students looking to do a placement in a developing health system. This grant is open to all members including allied health.

Each year, up to four grants of $500 are offered. This money can finance the costs of travel, accommodation of vaccinations or be used to support the local health system the student is travelling to.

The goal of this grant is to increase the exposure of HOPE4HEALTH members to international health work. We believe that this exposure will encourage greater participation and engagement in developing health care by the students involved.

Keep reading below to see what wonderful things our 4th years of 2013 could do!

Angeline Papajcsik & Samantha Nataatmadja, 2013 Griffith MBBS graduates, also received the grant in 2013 and travelled to Tanzania together where they The Uzima Mission Clinic in Mwandege. The clinic runs on donations alone and serves the local community – seeing over 100 people daily and delivering 50-60 babies/month.

Samantha helping out at the vaccination clinic

Samantha helping out at the vaccination clinic

Angeline helping out in antenatal care, Uzima Clinic

Angeline helping out in antenatal care, Uzima Clinic

The photo below shows Tess Asgill, 2013 Griffith MBBS graduate, with the community medicine Professor and director of Manipal Teaching Hospital, Nepal. With the grant money, Tess was able to provide the hospital with an array of medical supplies including specialist ENT supplies, surgical instruments and basic examination supplies such as blood pressure monitor and ECG paper.

Tess with the very grateful hospital director

Tess with the very grateful hospital director

Medical supplies Tess was able to purchase with the grant

Medical supplies Tess was able to purchase with the grant

Visit the International Portfolio page for more information on how to apply and to make the most of your H4H membership!

Red Party raises $4000 for Fijians

Another year, another night of red filled fun raising much needed funds for FJN+, an organisation that supports Fijians living with HIV/AIDS. This is the second year that HOPE4HEALTH has supported FJN+ which plans to utilise the money to help fund housing projects for individuals who have been ostracised from their communities and struggle to find employment due to their disease.

The night raised over $4000 and brought together Bond and Griffith students at the Surfers Paradise Surf Club in late September. It featured two incredible sets of music from our very own students who brought the D-floor to life. Thanks to everyone who came along and made the night a success! Re-live the night by checking out the photos in our gallery page.