Ashoka Award For UTH NSI Product (E’PAP) Developer

The developer of the Ubuntu Through Health Nutritional Support Initiative food product (e’Pap), Basil Kransdorrf has received an Ashoka Social Entrepeneur Award. Please read the attached article and find out more about this exciting product and how it was developed. Congratulations to Basil on his fine work.

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Annual Review 2011

2011 saw the realisation of many goals for Ubuntu Through Health, with the development of a specific project to assist in addressing health inequalities for the people of Khayelitsha, South Africa.

Throughout the year Ubuntu Through Health received much needed support from many different avenues, including fantastic attendance and donations at the UTH launch luncheon held in Brisbane and the 2011 H4H Jazz Dinner Dance, which was held at Royal Pines. Both events were huge successes and helped to raise much needed funds to make our goals a reality.

In late 2011, the UTH team travelled to Khayelitsha to provide tangible support to the Zakhele health clinic. Some of this support was in the form of medical equipment including diagnostic tools, blood pressure measurement devices and digital thermometers, all of which were desperately required by the clinic. The staff at the Zakhele clinic are very thankful for the support that UTH has been able to provide.

During this visit, UTH also implemented a Nutritional Support Initiative (NSI) based out of Zakhele clinic. The NIS is a program providing a nutritionally enhanced meal to patients who attend the Zakhele clinic on a daily basis to receive treatment for HIV or TB. The NSI is based around key factors which we believe can enhance the efficacy of the current treatment regime and protocol.

Providing a daily meal to HIV / TB patients:

  • Provides an incentive for the patient to receive their medication
  • Addresses the common side effects of nausea, vomiting and hunger associated with the medication, which is often so severe that patients will refuse medication
  • Assists in improving the nutritional and general health status of the patients, which will result in better patient outcomes

The NSI is also provided throughout the local community, which integrates well with a strong push to make TB and HIV treatment community based.

The UTH NSI was very well received at all levels of involvement, including the local governmental offices at City of Cape Town, HIV/TB Care Association (a major health NGO in Cape Town), as well as the Zakhele clinic and the patients themselves.

The NSI will officially commence on February 1st, 2012, and service almost 150 patients each day. The pilot program will run for six months after which it will be revaluated.

The UTH team would like to thank everyone who has assisted us in making our goals a reality, and helped us to make a difference in the lives of those who are victims of health inequalities. Without your generous and ongoing support, UTH projects would not be possible.

2011 HOPE4HEALTH Jazz Dinner Dance

The 2011 HOPE4HEALTH Jazz Dinner Dance was held recently at the RACV Royal Pines on the Gold Coast. Ubuntu Through Health was the major beneficiary of the event. Almost 300 people attended and took part in an extravaganza of drinking, dining and of course, dancing. Nearly $15,000 was raised in support of the Ubuntu Through Health Khayelitsha Project. Many thanks to all that attended and to HOPE4HEALTH for organizing such an amazing event in support of our cause. Make sure you check out the photos.