Birthing Kits Assembly 2014

What a successful night! We packed 600 safe birthing kits which will go a long way in improving the status and health of women in developing countries. A huge thank you to all those who came along and helped!

The students had the opportunity to hear from a wonderfully passionate guest speaker Georgina Kelly, an extensively experienced midwife who’s worked in developing countries such as PNG, where she has seen these types of birthing kits put into practice. It was inspiring to hear her stories, see her photos and put the work we were about to do into clear perspective.

Huge thanks to the International coordinators for carrying out all the behind the scenes work in making the night possible! The kits have been packaged and are ready to ship off when we are contacted by the Birthing Kits Foundation Australia, who help coordinate the kits to reach the areas most in need at the time.

More information on Birthing Kits can be found on the BKFA website, where you can find out how to run your own assembly! Check out the great photos from the evening below.

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