Announcing the 2016 Executive Team

We would like to welcome and congratulate our 2016 HOPE4HEALTH executive team! We can't wait to see what H4H can achieve next year with this exciting team.

President: Cameron Harrison
Vice Presidents: Cath Tanzer & Steph Jones
Secretary: Amy Taylor
Treasurer: Joshua Sia
Sensior sponsorship officers: Caitlin O'Hare & Jessie Gartside
Director of social media: Angus Lorraine
Director of corporate events: Gihan Hapuarachchi, Lauren Head & Jupinder Kaur
Indigenous portfolio coordinators: Blake Jones, Meredith Wilson & Shruti Yardi
Rural portfolio coordinators: Aaron Heffernan, Alysha Oze & Heather Ranson
Senior NRHSN representative: Emily Rayers
International portfolio coordinators: Grace Hortle & Hannah Keal
AMSA AGH rep: Beth Hamilton
Local portfolio coordinators: Tyson Pardon & Tien Chen
Teddy Bear Hospital/Radio Lollipop coordinators: Shreya Bhushan & Ricardo Thomas
Student elective aid coordinator: Swaha Bose
Speech pathology representative: Chrissy may and Phillipa brown
Biomedical sciences representative: Natalie Ho
Nursing and midwifery representatives: Jack Matulich & Alex Evans
Nutrition and dietetics representatives: Keanne Langstrom & Samantha Blinco
Occupational therapy representatives: Carly Hunter & Cassie Neasby
Dentistry and oral health coordinators: Lauren Bolta & Jessica Sun
Dentisty international coordinator: Mary Nguyen
Dentistry and oral health junior representative: Minh Dieu Nguyen
Cherbourg dental clinic coordinators: Zohal Azami & Julian Riateli
Ubuntu Through Health representatives: Daisy Swindon Macmillan, Monica Narula & James Gunning
The Sumba Project representatives: Jessica Crump, Alex Bennett & Hannah Keal
Healthy Start coordinators: Kosuke Kato, Daniel Payne & Nick Snels


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