Announcing the 2015 Executive!

This year saw a record number of applicants across the board and in particular a highly contested election for the president and vice president positions. Thank you to everyone who applied and for those who missed out, there are many ways that you can contribute to our events - they would not be possible without the help of many members and sub-committees working behind the scenes.

Next years team led by Gabriela, Sally and Cameron will continue to build on the work of all the students that have been involved over the years and to constantly be improving the organisation.

President: Gabriela Kelly
Vice Presidents: Sally Fry and Cameron Harrison
Treasury: Ahmed Mahmoud, Arrianne Kollosche
Secretary: Shi Shi Zhang
Director of Corporate Events: Sanjana Dang
Sponsorship Officers: Jessica Gartside, Stephanie Jones, Caitlin O'Hare
Social Media Coordinator: Nimanthi Malawaraarachchi

Local Portfolio
Coordinators: Alex Millikin and Cath Tanzer
TBH/Wonderfactory Coordinators: Shruti Yardi and Tien Chen

Rural Portfolio
Coordinators: Emily Rayers, Elisabeth Dumitriu & Daniel Payne
Senior NRHSN Rep and Social Work Rep: Heather Angell

Indigenous Portfolio
Coordinators: Annabelle Hughes, Robyn Wing & Philip Chung

International Portfolio
Coordinators: Lauren Head & Gihan Hapuarachchi
AGH Representative: James Nightingale
SEA Coordinator: Mahasha Perera
Ubuntu Through Health Representatives: Phoebe Brandis, Daniel Lake, Luke Hart
Sumba Project Representatives: Neeban Balayasoderan, Elle Cripps, Libby Caskey, Brinda Ohri

Dentistry Portfolio
Dentistry Coordinators: Jessica Sun, Amy Cao, Lauren Bolta
International Coordinators: Neeraj Vyas, Sam Ojha
Rural Coordinators: Brittini Ewing, Zaid Aumeerally
Jnr. Dentistry & Oral Health Representative: Francesca Cho
Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Hospital Coordinators: Michael Baker, Vidya Krishna

Allied Health Portfolios
Nursing Representatives: Hye Jin Kim & Jack Matulich
Speech Pathology Representatives: Sheena Rowe & Jodie Holt
Further representatives to be appointed in 2015

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