AMSA Global Health Council 1 2017

In early March a group of 8 HOPE4HEALTH members attended the AMSA Global Health Council in Brisbane. Held at UQ, delegates from all around Australia converged to talk about all things global health. Over the course of the weekend, we were inspired by keynote speakers who shared their stories of their work in environmental, refugee and public health, gained skills in advocating for global health matters in political circles, and brainstormed with the other Global Health Groups about how we can each work towards positive change in our daily lives. We voted on AMSA Policy, with key outcomes calling for a greater focus on environmental and refugee health in the future.

A major highlight of the weekend was being selected to present the fantastic achievements of Ubuntu Through Health and The Sumba Project in the Global Health Group Spotlight session. By the end of the weekend, we came away inspired to bring back what we'd learned to Griffith, and are now in the planning stages of some exciting new projects and events!

For anyone interested in attending, Council 2 will be held before AMSA Global Health Conference in Adelaide this year. Feel free to get in touch with Gabriela Bran or Lauren Head for more information.



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